Welcome to trader1.co — Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) investment platform for cryptocurrencies

Did you miss the chance to invest in Bitcoin in 2011 or any other cryptocurrency before 2017 to make a significant gain? You are not alone — many people have not even heard about Bitcoin or blockchain before all this happened.

I am sure you’ve done your due diligence on how you can invest in cryptocurrencies, but you’ll admit that all your findings can be confusing.

When to buy? What to buy? How can you be sure not to lose while buying? Where and how to start?

In your research, you found out that the market is still fluctuating. Do you want to monitor for changes and do technical and/or fundamental analysis every day? Every hour?

Which strategy have you considered? People in crypto love arbitrage, quant trading, dollar-cost averaging, HODLing, staking/lending and the good old ICO?

It’s just too much — and this sounds like a full-time job to me.

And that’s where we want to help you! Let us do the heavy lifting for you, while you monitor your portfolio and occasionally make minor adjustments.

I am proud to show you Trader1, because we’ve created it for this purpose. It is a secure and easy to use platform with a proven record of working investments strategies.

Let’s dive a bit deeper to see what Trader1 is all about:

1. DCA Strategy

Our first strategy and our flagship product is DCA, which is short for Dollar-Cost Averaging. It is an investment strategy that aims to reduce the impact of volatility on large purchases of financial assets.

Bitcoin dollar-cost averaging consists of investing a fixed amount of USD (or any other currency) in BTC, at regular time intervals.

Purchasing $10 every week, for example, would be dollar-cost averaging.

This strategy is mostly used by investors that are looking to purchase Bitcoin as a long-term investment since it protects them from potentially allocating all their capital at a price peak.

You can think of it as your retirement plan, but one that you can control and manage more easily.

Source: news.bitcoin.com

2. Stay in the loop

We want you to always know how your investment and money is doing. You can subscribe to helpful notifications via Email, Telegram, Slack and more to be alert when a trade is happening.

You will also have a clear view of your portfolio at any time, to be sure not to miss anything (work in progress).

4. Exchanges & Currency pairs

Our goal is to support many Exchanges, but we need to start somewhere — The ones we use are Liquid.com, Kraken.com and Binance.com, and these have become the first ones to be supported on Trader1. Don’t worry, more are coming!

Stay updated on our website with the latest pairs we support.

Are you missing your favorite Exchange or pair? Get in touch or leave a comment and we will add it for you.
Why don’t we enable all currency pairs? Because we are focused on quality, not quantity. We want to make sure that everything is working and every pair has its own rule on different exchanges.

4. Security

We’ve built Trader1 from the ground up to be as secure and reliable as possible. Plenty of trading platforms are not transparent about how security is handled. We are proud to tell you that we take the security really seriously, and we are determined to make Trader1 the most secure platform — so that you can relax and don’t worry about your assets being lost.

Transparency about procedures and used technologies is our way to assure you that you can trust us.

The short version is that we use RSA PKCS1 OAEP with SHA512 for encryption of all keys. Note that this technology is even more secure than Bitcoin’s encryption. The private key is held on a system that does not allow incoming connections. All connections are encrypted and are using proxy servers managed by us. We also use Google as an authentication provider (OAUTH2) for user logins (please enable 2FA though!).

We will dig into them in more detail later, stay alert. Bug bounty program included!

5. Get Started

The only thing left for you to do is, login and start growing your portfolio. Trader1 is waiting for you! If you sign up now, it will stay free for you. Always.

To the moon,

Automated Crypto Trading for You with DCA Strategy